Pastor Al Hall accepted the Lord's call on his life in May 1983 at Christian Teaching Center, Tyler, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Flora Cobb.  He and his wife and partner in ministry, Alice, have two children, Alicia and Alfred Jr, and two grandchildren, Alec and Allen, and currently reside in Shreveport, La.

Pastor Hall worked faithfully in the ministry in Tyler, Texas as a teacher and deacon until the family moved to Shreveport, Louisiana in 1987. He then worked diligently in the ministry as a pastoral assistant at the Word of Life Bible Fellowship, Marshall, Texas under the leadership of Pastor Ken Hall.

1996, Pastor Hall heeded the leading of Holy Spirit and he and his family moved to Shreveport, La and eventually united with Shreveport Christian Church, Dr. Artis Cash, Pastor/Teacher. Pastor Hall was faithful and obedient to the Word of God and served as pastoral assistant for approximately twelve years at Shreveport Christian Church.

In June 2008, Pastor Hall was ministering at the Word Outpouring Conference, Pastors C. Jai and Rose Wright, Marshall, Texas, when the Lord began to speak to his heart about starting the ministry, Believers International Fellowship.  Two months later, the first service was held on August 10, 2008 at the Holidome in Shreveport, Louisiana. The ministry later moved to a more stable location. Services are held on Wednesday at 7:00 PM and Sundays at 9:30 AM.

Al Hall, Pastor/Teacher
Believers International Fellowship Ministry
Shreveport, La